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Released in 1990 and directed by Claudio Fragasso (credited as Drake Floyd), “Troll 2” has achieved infamy as one of the most notoriously bad films ever made. Despite its title, “Troll 2” has no connection to its predecessor “Troll” (1986) and instead delves into a bizarre and surreal narrative filled with goblins, vegetarian agendas, and unforgettable dialogue. This article explores the plot, characters, key scenes, and provides an in-depth review of “Troll 2,” examining why it has garnered a cult following and remains a staple of so-bad-it’s-good cinema.

Plot Overview

“Troll 2” follows the Waits family—father Michael (played by George Hardy), mother Diana (played by Margo Prey), son Joshua (played by Michael Stephenson), and daughter Holly (played by Connie McFarland)—as they embark on a vacation in the rural town of Nilbog (which is “goblin” spelled backwards). Unbeknownst to them, Nilbog is inhabited by goblins who disguise themselves as humans and have a penchant for transforming unwitting visitors into vegetable matter to consume them.

As the Waits family settles into their vacation home, Joshua begins to suspect something is amiss after encountering the ghost of his deceased grandfather Seth (played by Robert Ormsby). Seth warns Joshua about the dangers of Nilbog and reveals that the family must avoid consuming any food or drink offered by the townspeople. Meanwhile, Holly becomes entangled with a group of locals led by the seductive witch Creedence Leonore Gielgud (played by Deborah Reed), who serves as the goblins’ queen and seeks to lure the family into their sinister trap.

As the goblins’ true intentions are gradually unveiled, Joshua must find a way to save his family from becoming the next victims of Nilbog’s vegetarian feast. The climax of “Troll 2” culminates in a surreal battle between the Waits family and the goblins, blending elements of horror, fantasy, and unintentional comedy.

Key Characters

Joshua Waits (Michael Stephenson): Joshua serves as the protagonist of “Troll 2,” portrayed by Michael Stephenson with earnest determination and youthful innocence. As the film’s central character, Joshua embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about Nilbog and protect his family from the goblins’ sinister plot.

Michael Waits (George Hardy): George Hardy delivers a memorable performance as Michael, Joshua’s well-meaning but oblivious father. Hardy’s portrayal adds comedic charm to the film, balancing the absurdity of the plot with genuine parental concern for his family’s safety.

Creedence Leonore Gielgud (Deborah Reed): Deborah Reed’s portrayal of Creedence is a standout among the film’s eccentric characters, blending seduction and malevolence as the goblins’ queen. Creedence serves as the primary antagonist, orchestrating the goblins’ plot to ensnare the Waits family and indulge in their vegetarian agenda.

Key Scenes and Memorable Moments

  1. “Oh My God!”: One of the most infamous scenes in “Troll 2” features Joshua’s iconic exclamation of “Oh my God!” in response to the surreal and absurd events unfolding around him. The line has since become a meme and a symbol of the film’s unintentional humor.
  2. The Hospitality of Nilbog: The scenes depicting the hospitality of Nilbog’s residents are marked by their bizarre and unsettling nature. From the ominously green-tinted food to the townspeople’s unnerving smiles, these moments highlight the film’s surreal depiction of a seemingly idyllic community hiding dark secrets.
  3. Creedence’s Seduction: Deborah Reed’s portrayal of Creedence as she seduces and manipulates Holly and other characters adds an eerie and unsettling atmosphere to the film. These scenes emphasize Creedence’s role as a charismatic and malevolent force within Nilbog.
  4. Final Battle: The climactic battle between the Waits family and the goblins showcases the film’s blend of horror and unintentional comedy. As the goblins’ true forms are revealed, Joshua and his family must use their wits and determination to confront the supernatural threat and escape Nilbog’s grasp.


“Troll 2” defies conventional critique with its nonsensical plot, amateurish performances, and surreal atmosphere. Here’s an in-depth review of its various aspects:

1. Direction and Cinematography

Directed by Claudio Fragasso, “Troll 2” features a distinctive visual style characterized by its low-budget production values and erratic editing. The film’s direction emphasizes surreal imagery and atmospheric tension, creating a sense of unease that complements its horror elements. While the cinematography may lack polish, it contributes to the film’s charm as a cult classic of unintentional horror.

2. Acting and Performances

The performances in “Troll 2” are a highlight of the film’s cult appeal, with the cast delivering earnest but often misguided portrayals of their characters. Michael Stephenson’s portrayal of Joshua anchors the narrative with genuine emotion and determination, while George Hardy’s performance as Michael adds comedic relief to the film’s absurd plot twists. Deborah Reed’s portrayal of Creedence stands out for its theatricality and sinister allure, elevating her character to a memorable antagonist within the genre.

3. Script and Dialogue

The screenplay of “Troll 2” is infamous for its nonsensical dialogue and surreal plot twists, which have contributed to the film’s cult status among fans of so-bad-it’s-good cinema. Lines such as “They’re eating her! And then they’re going to eat me! Oh my goooood!” have become iconic among viewers, celebrated for their unintentional humor and melodramatic delivery.

4. Cultural Impact and Legacy

Since its release, “Troll 2” has garnered a dedicated following of fans who celebrate its eccentricities and embrace its status as a cult classic of horror cinema. The film’s screenings at midnight showings and revival screenings have become popular events, where audiences participate in interactive rituals and recite dialogue along with the characters. “Troll 2” continues to entertain viewers with its unique blend of horror, comedy, and unintentional humor, solidifying its legacy as a beloved gem of B-movie entertainment.

5. Entertainment Value

While “Troll 2” may not conform to traditional standards of quality filmmaking, its entertainment value lies in its ability to captivate audiences with its absurd plot twists, amateurish performances, and surreal atmosphere. The film’s appeal as a cult classic of unintentional horror is rooted in its commitment to delivering unabashed entertainment that defies expectations and invites viewers to embrace its quirks.


In conclusion, “Troll 2” stands out as a cult classic of horror cinema, celebrated for its unintentional humor, surreal plot twists, and memorable performances. Directed by Claudio Fragasso and featuring a cast of eccentric characters, the film continues to entertain audiences with its charm and unique blend of horror and comedy. Whether viewed as a cinematic oddity or a beloved gem of B-movie entertainment, “Troll 2” remains a testament to the unpredictable nature of cult classics and the enduring appeal of films that defy conventional norms.



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